Our work adheres to the method of a master painter. He knows the brush needs to leave some details for the imagination so that the portrait is not heavily over-painted.
Following this concept, we stand away from the excessively realistic.
With such liberation, form and character of an abstract idea can be captured in a pure object.


Timber, card, paper, foam and foamboard, concrete and plaster casts. A material palette that preserves the intimacy of traditional hand model making, combined with contemporary design tools – CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing and more.
Works for exhibitions can come with acrylic case.

The Partners


Model Platform stands on seven years of experience in the profession, formed by Masters of Architecture graduates in London.




Mae Architects

Stephen Taylor Architects

James Gorst Architects

Jonathan Tuckey Design

Lyndon Goode Architects

Grey Griffiths Architects
Simon Conder Associates

Thomas-Mcbrien Architects

Since 19th century the word ‘maquette’, coming from French, has been a part of the English language. It derives from the noun ‘macchietta’ in Italian, meaning ‘sketch’. And even before that, from the Latin ‘macula’, meaning ‘spot’. Maquettes assist the human eye in seeing the rough form of a larger scale design scheme. Architects use them as a tool to examine ideas and communicate their projects. Sculptors build clay or wax versions along the preparation of a finished sculptural piece.